Exercices d’Anglais pour débuter #4

Exercices d’Anglais pour débuter #4
15 juillet 2019 sebastien.al


Comprendre la lecture d’un énoncé est important. Se familiariser avec l’accent et habituer son oreille l’est tout autant.

Voici un petit exercice d’écoute. Prenez votre temps !

What’s a ‘Networking Business Management Consultant’?  Do you know what ‘sourcing’ is?  To find out, first listen to the dialogue (just listen!).  Then listen again, as many times as necessary, to complete the text.





Brian What Hilary  ?
John Well, she’s a Networking Business Management consultant at Contex.
Brian What is Networking Business Management?
John It is helping businesses  by concentrating on their core operations through sourcing.
Brian What is ‘sourcing?’ 
John Well, sourcing is an important part of doing business on networks today.   Corporations realize that they can’t do everything well.  Most  with advances in day to day processes without affecting the  that are their reason for being in business. 
Brian But how do companies depend on other organizations without losing control?
John The modern company is part of a ntwork of organizations that’s bigger and stronger than any company alone.  This network enables each company to focus on the areas of the business in which it excels.





1/ does – do

2/ to reach objectives

3/ organizations can’t keep pace  – core operations



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